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JAGA, the Java API for Genetic Algorithms

JAGA is a generic Java API for implementing genetic algorithm and genetic programming applications in Java. It has been created as a research tool at the computer science department of the University College London.

Presently JAGA runs on Java 1.4 or later.

The plug-in style design of JAGA and its extensibility allow implementing any type of GA or GP application very quickly. A range of ready-to-use genetic algorithms and operators is included and new ones can be created easily by implementing the provided interfaces.

The following plug-in features are currently provided:
(further features can be easily realised by extending these features)

  • GA Algorithms:
    • Simple GAs
    • Elitist GAs with best and worst cut-offs
    • Simple & Elitist GAs with specified initial populations
  • Genotype representations for:
    • Grey coded numbers (integers & arbitrary precision decimals)
    • Boolean formulas (in form of function trees)
    • Protein sequences (in form of amino acid patterns)
  • For each of the above genotypes following operators are available:
    • Crossover (with various parameters)
    • Mutation (different types with various parameters)
    • Elongation (only for amino acid patterns)
  • Analysis tools:
    • Tracing of every change in the population
    • Tracing of all fitness evaluations
    • Graphical and numerical analysis of population statistics, such as best fitness, worst fitness, average fitness, std. deviation of fitness for each generation, overall best fitness tracking and others
JAGA is also available at SourceForge.net
Copyright (c) 2004 by Greg Paperin